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Test yourself serving a draft beer

Can you serve a perfect draft beer with this draft beer dispensing system? The perfect glass is: three quarter of beer and a quarter of foam. Obviously you must fill the glass of beer without overflowing.
To succeed, you have to tilt your glass at the right angle, and have it not too far neither to close from the beer tap. The more your glass is tilted and the closest to the beer tap you are, the less foam you will get. You must hang your glass in the right position and move it smoothly while filling it.
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How to serve a draft beer with a draft beer dispensing ?

A. Prepare the glass and the Draft beer dispensing

1 - Have a clean beer glass. You will be able to take for example a classic pint glass of 50 cl in transparent glass, without traces of oil, fat, fingers and suitable for the chosen beer. A dirty glass inside may change the flavor of your beer. If the glass has been cleaned with chemicals, hold it in the light to see if deposits have formed on the walls. Rinse if necessary.

2 - Clean the tap of the keg of excess pressure or remnants of old beer. Without this operation, the taste of your beer could be altered. Pour some beer outside for a few seconds. If you are serving several beer in a row, you need to perform this operation only for the first beer.

B. Serve the beer with the draft beer dispensing

3 - Place the glass a few centimeters under the tap of the draft beer dispensing, at a 45° angle. At this angle, the beer will flow from half the glass. This is the ideal compromise to control the amount of beer and foam. Be careful that the glass does not touch the tap of the beer maker, otherwise bacteria and germs can develop on the faucet and contaminate the following glasses.

4 - Open the tap completely so that the beer flows quickly and firmly against the edges of the glass. The flow of beer must be constant and regular in the glass.

5 - Fill the glass up to half first, then gently straighten the glass as it finishes filling. Keep your glass about 4 cm from the edge, so that a layer of foam forms on the surface. If the beer is poured directly into the glass, it will be too lather. If the beer is poured along the glass all the time, it will not foam. The foam must arrive at the top of the glass but must not overflow. Turn off the tap.

C. Ready !

6 - Wait a few seconds for the foam to settle on top of the beer before drinking. You may also remove the excess of foam.

7 - Enjoy your beer. Even if you are not an experienced gourmet, you can enjoy all the flavors of your beer if you take time to taste it. Tasting a beer involves all you senses: the taste, the sight and the smell. Some says hearing also contributes. Some tips will give you the best tasting experience: know what means the colour, find the aromates, learn how to drink it. The alcohol by volume may also make your beer stronger or smoother. Have a look to our tasting guide to learn more about how to enjoy your beer!