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Kerr Lake


Country: USA

City: Clarksville

Brewery: Buggs Island Brewing


Type : Kolsch

Fermentation : Not indicated

Color : Blond

General information

Alcohol (ABV): 5.7°

Bottles sold: Not indicated

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Crisp & refreshing make this German-style Kolsch our most popular beer at BIB. Light with subtle fruit aromas, it's perfect to sip on a hot day on Buggs Island Lake.

Practise pouring a perfect beer with a beer tap

Can you pour a perfect beer with this beer tap?

Pouring the perfect beer is a bit of an art: three quarter of beer and a quarter of foam. To succeed, you must turns and angles the beer glass as you pour, and have it not too far neither to close from the tap. The more your glass is tilted and the closest to the beer tap you are, the less foam you will get. You must hang your glass in the right position and move it smoothly while filling it. If you’re currently just holding the glass under the tap as you pour, it is time to learn something new.

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